Bug Be Gone | Peppermint & Lemon

Peppermint & Lemon: Bring on the Bug Bashing Brigade

Peppermint and Lemon aren’t just oily buddies.. they are a Bug Bashing Brigade that can bring the heinous rein of insects in your home to a grinding halt while cleansing your home and putting you in a much better mood.

Before I begin, you must understand that I have a long-standing fear and hatred of insects---particularly cockroaches. Of course I am an invincible kindergarten teacher at school in front of my students, but, at home I have been known to devolve into a quivering little girl and scream like a banshee when I see a big honkin’ roach. Now, let me be CLEAR. I don’t have roaches in my house, but here in Texas, after a really bad rain, they seem to find a way in. Well, I can’t have that, now can I? So.. I have turned to my trusted oils for assistance.

Did you know that most insects absolutely DETEST Peppermint and Lemon. If you have Peppermint and Lemon candy they will come in droves so make sure you’re using 100% pure Essential Oils for this endeavor! Recently, I decided to really put this theory to the test. I created a big bucket of warm water and added several drops of Lemon and Peppermint and I mopped my WHOLE house—especially the kitchen, dining and bathrooms. My floors dried quickly, smelled amazing, and I have seen a marked difference in the number of spiders and bugs on my floor. In fact, as a funny (well not funny to me, but will be funny for you) side note, a random garden roach DID find its way into my house last week. I found it on the wall. Yes, the wall. Apparently it HATED my floors SOOO much that it climbed up on the wall to get away from them, making it easy prey for my husband’s shoe. So, if that isn’t proof, I’m not sure what is.

These two oils together are a great combo for cleanliness on your counters as well as your floors. Insects thrive on dander, dust, crumbs, grease etc. Use this duo to not only make your home crisp and clean but help ward off those nasty flying creepy crawlies.