Do you have a few of your closest friends or FB acquaintances talking to you about oils?  If you are like most people your answer is yes! It can be overwhelming.  You may feel stuck in the middle and never sure which person to decide to place your first oils order through.  Well i'm here to tell you, who you purchase your kit through matters.  The way that Young Living is set up you not only purchase your oils through a distributor but you also get placed on their team. All teams have different names and let me be clear not all teams are created equal!  When I purchased my kit I was one of the lucky ones.  I did not know of this team-I thought it was all "one company" type of deal.  My idea wasn't wrong because we all are qualified distributors selling an amazing product-that will never change.  But this whole team idea wasn't on my radar.  I thankfully landed on a team called The Happy Oilers.  

The Happy Oilers are different, but in a good way.  They will NEVER pressure you-ever.  Their love of oils is tangible and most likely they can talk your ear off for hours about them.  It's kind of an obsession really.  It just happens-you'll get there eventually.  But the love of their oils is real.  Their stories are real.  They would share whether they got a dime from the company or not.  

Happies (or HO's as we really enjoy calling them) also have the most resources available for you.  They truly invest themselves in your oil journey.  They are available for your questions, they are here to guide you to keep you safe while using your oils and get true joy of changing people's lives for the better.  One-on-one training, apps filled with recipes, Facebook groups and some of the funniest people I know are here to become your new bestie.  It's pretty awesome.

So whether you are just starting your journey, or you've already been loving your oils, or you're rocking the business side, we are here for you throughout your journey to love and guide you every step of the way. Not all teams are created equal, so when you purchase your kit, make sure your team can offer you the environment, the lifestyle, and the success you deserve.