Step 6) After you have selected your diffuser (Happy Dancing!!)  then scroll to the bottom of the page to find "Next".  If you are tickled pink with your diffuser option and are ready to continue creating your account and purchasing just the kit then press NEXT.  If you are wanting to add some other amazing products to your cart past the Premium Starter Kit then click the blue button on the bottom labeled, "Optional: Add Additional Products)  If you are wanting more ideas to add to your order so you can TAKE ADVANTAGE OF REWARDS and get freebies you can look into our SINGLES, BLENDS, THIEVES LINE, BEAUTY LINE or check out the PRODUCT GUIDE.

NOTE: You do not have to worry about the essential rewards. We are just skipping over this section.  If you want to find out more about that program, talk to your enroller and they can fill you in on how to get the freebies every month like they do!