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Hi my name is Robin Sudarma!  I am a wife, mom of 3, work part-time and I love my oils!  I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Sign Up Steps:

Want to order but are not quite sure where to start? Let's walk through your options and then you can decide what is best for you!  When you are ordering there are two memberships you can purchase through Young Living.  One is a retail account.  This allows you to purchase oil at any time.  The other is called a wholesale membership.  Wholesale memberships is how 97% of our team is made up (including me).  Wholesale members receive 24% off of retail pricing.  Sounds good right?  Ya, it definitely does to me.  Getting started either way is very easy.  Let's go through what the actual ordering looks like.

STEP 1: Choosing wholesale is the only way to receive the 24% off discount and purchase the Premium Starter Kit.  Make sure the left box marked "MEMBER" is checked and in color.

STEP 2: Here is where you select your country and language.  Young Living ships to many countries so be sure to select the correct one for you! Then hit, NEXT to continue.

STEP 3: There are 2 boxes here where my member number (see the sample above, it's a 7 digit number) should be plugged in for you.  Please make sure it is in the Sponsor ID box & the Enroller ID box.  Like I said, that is the number that should be already plugged in for you after you clicked the gray "Purchase My Kit" button. As you know, technology can be glitchy sometimes, so it's best to be sure.  This ensures you are on my team and that you join my group of amazing men and women going down the same health and wellness journey as you! #awesomesauce

STEP 4: A box will pop up with my name and my member number.  You should ONLY have to click continue.  If this is not my name or member number, click I prefer a different Sponsor and Enroller, then go back to the top of the page and locate my correct 7 digit member number.  You should NOT need to do that, but technology happens.  Better to be safe than sorry.

STEP 5: Here is the FUN PART-Picking your Premium Starter Kit Diffuser!  You get the choice of the Dew Drop Diffuser ($160), Bamboo Diffuser ($170) Rainstone Diffuser ($205) or the Aria Diffuser ($260).  No diffuser is better then the other.  Each have their little things that make them great! The Dew Drop has a blue LED light (can be turned off) and is perfect for any room, especially the kids for a nightlight.  It will automatically shut off when it runs out of water.  The Bamboo diffuser is gorgeous and has two settings 1) 1 hour run time 2) 4 hour run time.  This diffuser also has a white light at the bottom but there is no shut off feature.  Great for living rooms or dining spaces.  Next option is the Rainstone Diffuser.  This bad boy is a black diffuser and has a sleek design with LED lights and an option for 8 hours run time!  Hello sleeping babies (or mommies and daddies).  It has so many great options it comes with a remote control.  Ahhhhh, pure lazy bliss.  Lastly is the Aria Diffuser.  The aria is zen city.  With it's sophisticated design, soothing spa music and calming 4 option LED lights it is no wonder this is a FAVORITE among the team.  It also has a remote, cable to connect an iphone, or ipod to play your own music through its speakers, and a 1, 2 & 3 hour shut off time.  Like I said, every diffuser has its many benefits so be sure to choose the one that best fits you!  You really cannot go wrong.

STEP 6: Scroll to the very bottom of the page past the MONTHLY REWARDS AND SAVINGS section. Click Next if you ONLY want the Premium Starter Kit.  If you would like to get more oils or products beyond the kit follow that bottom button marked (Optional: Add Additional Products).

STEP 7: When the box pops up make sure to click Proceed to Checkout.

STEP 8: Here is where you fill out your personal information.  If you are adding a spouse you can add them under Add Co-appplicant

STEP 9: BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS SECTION GET A PEN AND PAPER......go ahead, i'll it? Okay, good!  Here is where you are going to want to write down all of the information you create in this section.  Username, password and pin.  Your pin is really important.  There are times where you would like to call or get a hold of customer service, could be something about an order, a business move, or any other small things-BUT, if you or anyone else calls for you customer service will request your 4-digit pin.  Make sure it is something you are going to remember. Write all of this information down and KEEP IT! You will need it at some point in time-trust me.

STEP 10: Commission Processing information gets everyone hot and bothered.  This section is ONLY used for those that pursue the business side to Young Living.  Let me be clear-this is not a catch, this is not a trick-YOU NEVER HAVE TO SELL A THING FOR YOUNG LIVING. I'm going to repeat that "You never have to sell a thing for, Young Living." It is a natural progression for most members because their friends start asking to use their oils then they just want their own.  Doing the business side is fun and has been a blessing to so many members of our team.  I like free oils so that's is why I do it, because let's face it-free oils are good. #amiright? But, that being said it is required to enter in to the wholesale membership.  Young Living ONLY uses your tax information to pay you.  If you never sell anything it will never be used.  If you do begin selling, Young Living sends you a 1099 if you have received $600 or more during the year.  If you have anymore questions be sure to contact the person that sent you here and they can help answer any questions you may have.  Once you have entered your tax info be sure to accept the terms and conditions by checking the box that the arrow is pointing to then press the "Agree and Continue" button.

STEP 11: Click the box! You can read all of the Policies, Member Agreement, and Compensation plan just above the box.  If you ever want to read them again they will be under Member Resources in the virtual office.

STEP 12: Click Agree and Continue.

STEP 13: Here is where you are going to choose your shipping method.  There are many choices here so you may want to talk to me to see which option works best for you.  When you purchase your kit, it can take a few days for Young Living to process the order.  Once the order is processed, then the shipping schedule kicks in.  By choosing Next Day delivery, it does not guarantee you will receive your kit the day after you place your order.  But you will receive it the next business day after your order is processed.  You can track your order's process by logging in to the Virtual Office (use your username and password created in step 8) go to My Account>My Order History and you should see your status there.  If you are unsure of how to do this, get with me and we can walk you through the VO.

STEP 14: Enter your payment method information

STEP 15: Click NEXT to continue

FINAL STEP- Look over your order, name, address and make sure all of the information in the boxes match what you entered.  Once you are set to have your very own PSK sent to your home, you can begin your what I like to call "mad scientist" phase. You can press the PLACE ORDER button...and you DID IT! How awesome is that!?  In a few weeks you will begin your oil journey to a happier, healthier you and I am beyond excited!  You should receive 2 emails once you have completed the last step- 1 email confirming you created an account 2nd email stating you placed an order.  Once you have received those you should be all set! If you want to poke around the virtual office the next screen that pops up will allow you to do that. Check in with me and let me know you are ready to learn more! #fistbump.

You can now access our new Step-By-Step breakdown page to go over your kit to get you started!  You can access this page HERE.  Please ask me for the password :) Make sure to go through the unboxing steps once your kit arrives and then make sure to take advantage of our 20 favorite recipes app at the end!

I am so excited for you!!! Please let me know once you have received your second email from Young Living.  If you are friends with me on Facebook I can begin getting you into all of the informative groups that are available to you :)  Welcome to the team!!