You ordered a kit and you are ready to get started! We are here to help you do that! Start here with this video!

Congratulations!!! Your kit has arrived and you are ready to get started. First thing you need to do is tear into that beautiful new box and make sure that everything is there. You should have a diffuser, 11 essential oils, some samples and some booklets, a rollerball, and 2 packets of Ningxia Red. If you are missing anything, contact the person who you bought your kit from ASAP! Word to the wise-If you are missing your roller ball check under the container it came in. Sometimes during shipping it can roll around and slide underneath.

Carrier Oils: Here are some ideas to help you get started with the right Carrier Oil for you!!! Carrier oils (view the picture below to see examples) can be coconut oil, grapeseed, almond, jojoba, olive-any pure organic oil. By looking at the back of the bottle you will see the words “Topical: “ then you will see the directions for correctly applying to your skin. Every bottle is different so make sure you always check the correct way to mix your oils. One example is “Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of V-6.” V-6 is the Young Living brand of carrier oil. This is not necessary to purchase. The carrier oils listed above work just fine as a substitute. So back to my example, what that means is for every 1 drop of your YL oil you will use one drop of your carrier oil. To measure correctly I went to a health food store and grabbed a few eye droppers so I could keep the drops close to the correct measurements. So if I need to put on 4 drops of Lemon I’m also mixing in 4 drops of my carrier oil. One of the higher mixes is an oil such as Thieves or Panaway. Their topical dilutions are 1:4. So for every 1 drop of Thieves or Panaway I’m using 4 drops of carrier oil. Keeping the correct dilution is for your safety. By not following the instructions you put your skin at risk of burns or irritations. When you are mixing for a small child best practice is to dilute even more (add more drops of V-6) This keeps the child safe and your mind at ease. Update: New bottles will have a window on the side so you can now tell how much oily goodness is still left in the bottle. This is a great change so you are never caught off guard again when the last drop comes out. Also there will now be a sku on the side-this allows for maximum tracking with each bottle resulting in quicker shipping times and less chances for backorder due to proper tracking of in stock products