So you are doing it!  You are ready to dive into this amazing and calm world of oils.  I'm happy dancing!! But before you purchase you've talked to your trusted advisor and you are now faced with how you would like to purchase your oils.  There are two options for you to choose from-Wholesale or Retail.  

Let's discuss Retail as an option.  Retail simply stated, it is full price or a la carte-NO DISCOUNTS.  There is also no option to purchase the Premium Starter Kit.  But that being said this may still be a great option for you.  This gives you the option to purchase only the oils that you NEED.  I eventually realized I need all of the oils (like all of them, bathe in them-ya, some may say i'm a full blown addict) and was very happy I went wholesale so I could purchase the kit.  But not all beginners need the kit.  Some may want to try one or two to see if the oils properties works with their body.  If that is the case you should not feel pressured to become a wholesale member.   Go Retail and purchase your specific oils a la carte.  This option is also big on the individuals that refuse to give their social security number.   There are those select few individuals that just do not want to give their social security number.  If that is you retail will be your only option to purchase your oils.  Young living requires you give your social security  number  for tax purposes and only use the number if you decide to go into the business end of Young Living.  I have NEVER heard of any one getting their identity stolen by giving their social security number thought the Young Living site  but it still weighs heavy on individuals minds.  If this is you make sure you choose Retail when you are choosing which way to sign up :)

Now let's dive into the wonderful world of Wholesale.  Wholesale is like joining a Sams Club, or Costco, BJ's Wholesale-everything you purchase there will be discounted.  Becoming a wholesale member you are receiving 24% off retail pricing!  Ummm yes please!! I love me some discounts :) By choosing the wholesale option you are also now available to purchase The Premium Starter Kit.   The kit is seriously the bomb diggity and if you are reading this and really aren't sure what it is then click HERE to read about it).  It is essentially getting 11 essential oils, diffuser, tons of amazing info, and sample packs valued at around $300 for only $150.  Say WHAT!? Where do I sign up? Ok hold your horses there...there's still a little bit to talk about.  

This part scares people a little bit so try to follow along with me.  By choosing wholesale you have the option to go into the business end of Young Living.  Now, do not freak!  You DO NOT have to sell anything.  Never, ever, ever, ever do you ever have to sell anything!  If someone tells you that please let me know because seriously we are all just oil geeks and want everyone to enjoy them.  This is a serious violation and they are straight up lying to you and need to be dealt with.  The business happens ONLY when someone decides to do the business end.  So to recap what I just said by choosing wholesale and gaining the title distributor does not mean you are ever going to do the business end of Young Living (unless you decide down the line that you would like to).

Retail and Wholesale are both great options.  For us oil lovers we are usually wholesale all the way.  Give us the discounts BABY!! But retail can be the perfect fit for you as well.  By talking to your trusted advisor (find their name here) you should be able to figure out the best option for you.  So quick!  Go talk to them! They are ready to answer all of your questions to guide you on your oily journey :)